Gimme-Yummy-Gummies Japanese Gummies Assort Special (c)JP Dagashi

All the gummies you want from Japan are assorted here!


What’s in it?

1. Fuwarinka Soft Candy(Beauty Rose) x 3 Bag

2. Fuwarinka Soft Candy(Peach Rose) x 3 Bag

3. Kasugai Pokegumi x 3 Set (5 Bags)

4. Kasugai Goren_Gumi x 3 Set (5 Bags)

5. Lion PuyoPuyo Gumi x 3 Set (4 Bags)

TOTAL: 5 ITEMS (Each 3 Bags/Sets) for PRICE US$68.25*
*The Price includes Economy International Shipping Fright.
**Economy International Shipping: Arrive in over 2 weeks.

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